USD 1,499
Mega Boat .
Number of people: 80
Size: 72


This 72 footer boat is the one with the maximum capacity in Riviera Maya. It can fits up to 80 people! Normal yacht can fit 20 people, then catamarans up to 50, so it is the best for big groups, weddings, huge parties, events, birthdays, social trips, booze cruises, etc. you name it. If need a priest let us know and we quote it for you, as well the flowers, special requests and wedding planner.

Includes: Fishing rod, Mexican food on board, snorkeling equipment to see turtles in reef, guide, kareoke (10 thousand songs), option to high dive from the top of the boat.

Round trip transportation from Riviera Maya : $215 USD for 14 people.

Round trip transportation from Cancun: $300 USD.


Grilled chicken, freshly made guacamole, freshly chopped salsa, tortillas, Mexican-cuisine rice, beans and tortilla chips. Lunch can be enjoyed as a dish or you make tacos with it, up to you. Everything is prepared at the moment, fresh.


$1,499 USD for 3 hours.

$1,995 USD for 4 hours ( includes 15 guests).

$450 USD for each additional hour.

Each additional adult costs $65 USD and each kid $25 USD (kids from 5 to 12 years old). Children under 4 years don’t pay.

Itinerary:  9:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. If those do not fit your schedule, just let us know, we can make an exception. 

ADD-ONS:  If want drinks on board, here are the options we have for you:

Normal Bar : $20 USD per person.

Includes premium liquors such as Absolut Vodka, tequila Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan’s Rum, pina coladas, margaritas, strawberry and mango daiquiris, shots, beer, juices, soft drinks and water. When you arrive at the dock, we have prepared rum punch or vodka, and the service does not end until the end of the tour.

Premium Bar : $30 USD per person.

Includes drinks with Gray Goose, Don Julio Tequila (reposado), Matusalem rum, Captain Morgan rum and Gin Bombay.

Top of the world : $55 USD per person.

With this bar, you get access to all our premium open bars, as well as some high-end brands such as Ketel One Vodka, Matusalem Gran Reserva and  Hendrick’s Gin. You will also receive a cigar and two tastings of different malt whiskeys. The types of cigars and scotch will vary depending on the availability, but they will be the ones that we ourselves enjoy, very tasty ones.

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