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Playa del Carmen yacht rentals has luxury yachts, sport fishing boats, private charter in playa del carmen and riviera maya
Playa del Carmen yacht rentals luxury charter yacht private snorkel tour

Mega Yacht

and Luxury Yacht Charter

Enjoy the incredible sunsets of Riviera Maya while cruising on a luxurious yacht.
Visiting Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Morelos or Cozumel

From: $660 USD

Playa del Carmen yacht rentals luxury charter yacht private snorkel tour


Private Charter and snorkel tour

An splendid day in the shores of Riviera Maya departing from Puerto Aventuras is just what you need to relax from vacations

From: $85 USD per person

Playa del Carmen yacht rentals luxury charter yacht private snorkel tour

Fishing Yacht

Sport fishing Charter

We have normal and cheap fishing boats and luxury fishing yacht charters in Playa del Carmen, to have a nice day testing your luck against Neptuno

From: $660 USD

Welcome to “Navyflex” – Playa del Carmen Yacht Rentals is a web page in which you can rent/hire a luxury yacht for all the family and friends. Rent a nice boat for that special birthday that you are looking for, or that bachelor or bachelorette party you was dreaming about, or just partying with Caribbean style! 

playa del carmen yacht rentals

Navigate from Puerto Aventuras on board a nice luxurious boat. Join our yacht team with the majority of the luxury services in design, performance and amusement.  Explore and discover the most important areas for swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing or just cruising by the Riviera Maya’s shores, Puerto Aventura’s, Cozumel’s, Tulum’s, Puerto Morelos’s, Playa del Carmen’s and its tranquil, shallow and crystalline waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

In Playa del Carmen yacht rentals we have yachts which are like sea houses, like homes in the ocean. These bare yachts have 2 or 4 bedrooms and can sleep up to 8 people to go around Riviera Maya, Tulum and Cozumel, or even Isla Mujeres, Holbox, Puerto Morelos and Contoy, so you can have a nice long term boat rental visiting many destinations in several nights.

The yachts innovate with the pass of the years its designs and performance. Also innovates on its furniture with exclusive materials. We have from the oldest and cheapest yachts to the most luxurious yachts in Playa del carmen and Riviera Maya. Most of them have flat televisions, luxury cabins, spectacular sound systems, nice kitchens and extra gadgets, ask for the one that best suits your needs.

Playa del Carmen boats rentals also offers sailboats catamarans, bare boats, speedboats, small crafts, fishing vessels and even wake board and ski options, but these last options only in Cancun for the moment, where we also have many many options for rent, much more then here near Playa del Carmen, so if we don’t have the boat you are looking for in Riviera Maya, we for sure have it in Cancun, 50 minutes away from Playa del Carmen.

  Vacations on a yacht in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, trips to Holbox island, snorkeling tours of adventure in Cozumel, diving boats and yachts, fishing cplaya-del-carmen-yacht-rentals-22harters tour from Puerto Aventuras, private events on the Mexican sea, bachelor or bachelorette parties, groups and conventions activities on catamarans and more activites, just here in Yacht Rentals in Playa del Carmen, you’ll find the best options at the best price, as we own yachts, we know what is best for your family and friends.

Playa del Carmen luxury yacht rentals also offers night rentals in Puerto Aventuras, stay the night in the ocean, have a night diving trip, visit Cozumel departing from Riviera Maya and stay the night there, or near Tulum ruins. In Cancun we have Glow Party, in which we set neon lights across a Uniesse 48 yacht and give you body painting, also glow stuff like glasses, cups, caps, straws, wristbands, neckless, rings, etc. It would be the best party you’ve ever had, perfect to surprise a birthday friend or a bachelorette girl.

Yacht Charter in Playa del Carmen also is a catamaran charter in playa del carmen. We’ve got small catamarans for groups of 40 people and big ones, more luxurious catamarans for up to 80 people, departing from Puerto Aventuras. We can provide round transportatio with an extra cost. Catamarans include juice, sodas, water, crew and snorkel equipment, but beers, open bar and/or food can be added with extra cost per person. (here is a link to one of the catamarans). Playa del carmen yacht rentals organizes events for big groups like weddings, so you can get merried aboard a big ship in the Riviera Maya’s sea. The wedding in the sea normally starts in Puerto Aventuras and can go to Marona direction or to Tulum’s direction. Akumal is a nice place to visit, but boats are not allow to get into the bay, so if you want to go there, we can dive on its outshore reefs which are the best in the Riviera, then Cozumel has the best in the world.


Playa del Carmen Luxury Yacht Wedding yacht-wedding-in-playa-del-carmen

A yacht wedding in Playa del Carmen can be well organized if quoted and paid in time. priest, preparations, designs, food, drinks and flowers, also invitations if you like. Yacht weddings in Riviera Maya are getting more popular every year. The most popular yacht we use for that is the Azimut 85 ft. This luxurious boat in Puerto Aventuras can fit 30 people plus crew, and includes chef and waiters for your comfort. If more people, a sea ray 40 or 60 ft can be useful to feat more guests to the sea.


Playa del Carmen Mega Yacht Rentals 

riviera maya yacht charters azimut 85Talking about the biggest yacht in Riviera Maya and Cancun, and the whole state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, we’ve got in Cancun an Azimut 100 ft., but it is very expensive to bring it to Puerto Aventuras, it’s easier if we pick you up by ground transportation and take you to Cancun to visit Isla Mujeres. The longest boat in Playa del Carmen would be the Azimut 85, departing from Puerto Aventuras. This yacht is also the most luxurious one in its interiors, having a special minimalist style, recently remodeled with a zebra carpet in the living room and neon lights well positioned. Its fly deck used to have a jacuzzi, now it’s got a U shape sofa and a dinner table for 8. Includes chef, 2 waiters and a captain.

More mega yachts can be arranged, departing from Cancun, where we have more options, like a Grand Alskan 80, Azimut 75, Sunseeker 74, Azimut 100, etc.

¡Welcome to Navyflex world!  “Upgrading life style”

In a casplaya-del-carmen-yacht-rentals-22e in which your budget is not very big, small yachts can be an option. We have small boat like a Chris Craft Crowne 34 foot for $165 USD an hour. In Cancun i have small vessels for $100 USD and hour, minimum 6 hour, also wake board speed boats from 150 to 250 USD per hour, minimum 1 hour, this also in Cancun, soon in Playa del Carmen beach near Playa Mamitas. In Mamitas Beach there is wave runners that can be hire to get on board a yacht on its shores. Master Harbor doesn’t allow us to get people on board a yacht from Playa Mamitas beach without the help of a wave runner or jet ski, for safety reasons.

Cheap Rentals Playa del Carmen can also give smaller boats if requested. Also cheaper fishing charters in Playa del Carmen can be set for you. please ask our agents.

Weekly Boat Rentals in Riviera Maya 

Playa del Carmen Boat Rentals also offers: weekly sailboat rentals, vacations on board a yacht in Riviera Maya and Cozumel, private sailing trips around Tulum area, overnight on boat in Holbox island, bare boat in Playa del Carmen, also floating houses (a yacht holiday trip), so you can sleep over boat like a yacht apartment, traveling to an island during the day and spending the night on a yacht.

playa-del-carmen-long-charters Sailing yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen can be a lot of fun if you have done this before, but be aware if you get seasick, as there are long long journeys from one port to the other, from Cozumel to Cancun is 10 hours on a sail boat. Long distance yacht trips are less hours to go, more expensive but also more comfortable. To go to Holbox on a yacht it is better to depart from Cancun, as on yacht from Cancun is a 3 hours ride, while on sail boat can be 10 or 12. it is recommended to stay in Holbox for the night and taste its gastronomy, which every time is getting richer and tastier. Stay more night is able. If it’s Whale shark season going to Holbox is a must.. and by the way we also got Playa del Carmen whale shark yacht tours. You can take a yacht in Playa del Carmen and go to Holbox or Contoy island, bu it would take several hours, like 7 to get there, and this can be bad for you if you are not a long trips on yachts person.

Playa del carmen yacht rentals Sea Ray 40

have for you round ground transportation from Tulum, from your hotel, to Puerto Aventuras, where the boats are located. In time we’ll take about 20 minutes aprox, fast, in a Toyota van, for 14 people (If more people, two vans or a splinter). We have many yacht you can have in Puerto Aventuras to visit Riviera Maya’s coast line, very beautiful shores, nice reefs. Have lunch aboard a Sea Ray 40 ft., a Sea Ray 60 ft., an Azimut 85, a private 36 ft. catamaran or a small yacht 34 ft. chris craft crowne. Find more information in our Yacht Charters in Tulum section.

catamaran-yacht-rentals-in-playa-del-carmenCatamaran Rentals in Playa del Carmen offers many catamarans sizes, for groups of 10 people, 15 people to conventions and bigger groups, wedding gathering, conference/assembly/congress groups of up to 80 people. In Cancun we’ve got for up to 300 people boat groups, huge boats of 3 levels and a slide on it. Playa del carmen catamaran rentals includes open bar with extra cost, includes sodas, water, juice and snorkel equipment, and also food can be included with extra cost. Make your own private catamaran charters in Playa del Carmen with a minimum number of people, Riviera Maya offers the best service in this kind of water activities, we’ll do our best to fill your needs. Transportation can be added to the price from Playa del Carmen to Puerto Aventuras, where the catamarans are located at.

Luxury Scuba Diving on Yacht in Playa del Carmen

Explore the under water magnificent Caribbean submarine life on board a luxury yacht. We will take you with the best service possible, qualify scuba diving instructors and the best spots in Playa del Carmen to enjoy a dive.

Diving in the Caribbean is a most do, because of the wonderful marine life, the colorful reefs and the great biodiversity.

Rent your luxury playa-del-carmen-scuba-diving-yacht-rentalyacht for scuba diving and go on a day charter or a long charter. some of the famous scuba diving locations in Playa del Carmen are:

  • Cerebros (Max. Depth. 50 Ft.)a reef in the North of Playa del Carmen that is famous for natural arches where you can swim through.
  • Los Arcos (Max. Depth. 100 Ft.)are 2 arches, where there is an area with hard corals, sporges and fan corals, home of  turtles, stinggrays, Morays and more.
  • Pared Verde (Max. Depth. 100 Ft.), this is an amazing coral formation, with a particular marine life from lobsters to sharks.
  • Tortugas (Max. Depth. 100 Ft.), this is a popular diving spot because you are able to swim side by side with sea turtles

Luxury Yacht Rentals in Holbox, private charter

luxury-aycht-rentals-in-holboxPrices varies from $1,500 USD on a sail boat per night to $25,000 USD per night on the biggest yacht in the zone.

To Holbox departing from Cancun,
the Uniesse yacht takes 3 hours
Cost for 2 days one night:  $2,500 USD
 you can sleep on the yacht or in a hotel, the yacht would park in the main dock of the island.

Quote your weekly yacht rental from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel or Tulum in the contact form, reserve from one night yacht rental to 7 nights or longer.

Holbox Sunset Cruise for $600 USD. is 3 hours on a Sailboat with food, drinks and the amazinf view

Plan the best Bachelorette and Bachelor party in Playa del Carmen, rent a luxury yacht, a catamaran, or a sailboat.

Making your Bachelorette party on board a boat is the best option. Is your own private party over the Caribbean, your best friends, the captain and crew will make sure you have the best time ever and the landscapes are gorgeous.

If you are planning your bachelor party, we can help you with the drinks such a Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Open Bar and more, about  the food and snacks we have catering service available.

Ask about our Bachelor T Shirt Design and special packages in Playa del Carmen.

We have private transportation round trip from your resort to the yacht.

Private Ground Transportation to your Luxury Yacht

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